Gibas is successful as an automation integrator by consistently distinguishing itself.

Paul Ribus

Fanuc Benelux

When UR began it’s great journey from new kid on the block to world leader, Gibas Automation was one of our first non-domestic partners. Their know-how and experience have since contributed to our success.

Helmut Schmid of Universal Robots

Helmut Schmid

Universal Robots

For more than 30 years we have been doing business with Gibas, both Numeriek and Automation. When purchasing a machine or automation solution, the advice is expert and with a view to the future. In addition, the service is excellent.

Photo of Lucien Heemskerk

Lucien Heemskerk

Heemskerk Fijnmechanica

In our search for the appropriate automation, we end up at Gibas almost every time. That is because Gibas can respond very well to the needs of the customer.

Philippe Delmotte


Gibas Automation, einer unserer Partner der ersten Stunden, hat sich in dem Thema stetig zusammen mit uns weiterentwickelt und bietet dem Markt die Erfahrung, Expertise und praxisorientierte Kompetenz in der Projektanbahnung, -realisierung und dem Betrieb von integrierten MiR Produkten, um Mehrwert für die Endanwender zu erzielen.

Jorgen Faber

Jörg Faber

Mobile Industrial Robots