UR20. The new cobot. Redefined.

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The new cobot of Universal Robots. Redefined. That is the UR20. With a 1750 mm reach and 20 kg payload capacity, this cobot can handle more tasks, fits more applications, and assists in more environments than ever before.

The UR20 is completely new re-imagined, redesigned, and rebuilt from the ground up. With the experience and knowledge of the previous generations and the wishes from the industries, this new cobot is designed. No special electrical hook-ups or costly wiring solutions are required. Even with the big step up in performance, a single-phase standard power outlet is all that’s needed to power the UR20.

The increased reach enables the further scaling of cobot automation and throughput gains to more demanding, heavier-duty applications. The new cobot is ideal for packaging, palletising, machine tending and welding applications. Do you want more information or discuss the possibilities with an expert? Feel free to contact us.