Our partners developed educational e-learning exercises. Through theory and simulation you will get to know the most common functions and use them directly. These free courses are completely online and you can start at any time.

Universal Robots

Universal Robots strives to make automation with cobots easy and accessible for everyone. With their online training from Universal Robots Academy, they help users, regardless of their experience or knowledge, by providing them with necessary programming knowledge for their cobots.

In order to increase the knowledge of cobot users, we give certified  Universal Robots training courses. With these courses, the users will expand their knowledge to get to know Universal Robots even better. The different courses are given with best practices, theory and hands-on exercises.

Mobile Industrial Robots

With the online MiR Academy you will learn to understand the differences between AMRs and AGVs, how they work and how to use them. Furthermore, you will learn to understand the technology, the way a MiR navigates and a lot more. The MiR Academy is for users of these AMRs, but also for those who have no experience whatsoever. Follow the MiR Academy here.

Online academy Universal Robots

Robotiq e-learning is the only online platform on collaborative robots that integrates Lean Robotics concepts and real application content. With this learning tool, Robotiq helps customers along the Lean Robotics phases. Robotiq e-learning accelerates cell design with extensive courses, offers support in the integration phase and gives relevant information to start production faster. You will find the online courses here.