New: ROEQ TML200

The family of ROEQ has expanded with the TML200 for the MiR250. It’s a flexible top module that can lift, transport and deliver goods on crates, pallets, racks and even shelf carts. It truly enhances the capabilities of your Mobile Industrial Robot.

To support this, they have developed the new ROEQ PR250 pallet rack which enables drive-through pickup and delivery of pallets. These racks van be set up side by side for a scalable solution and you decide the width of the pallet racks, based on the width of your goods.

The TML200 can pick up shelf carts in free space, so there’s no need for a docking station. Also operators can roll the cart away after drop-off. The functionalities of this new top module is shown in the video.

Do you have any further questions about the TML200 or are you interested in how this product can be used in your logistic automation? Feel free to contact us.