Case Study Bone Solid: Sanding of solid surface products

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Sanding is known a repetitive job and most people find it boring and monotonous. Besides that, it’s also difficult to guarantee the same high quality. Bone Solid came to Gibas Automation with the question whether it is possible to automate sanding with Universal Robots.

At Bone Solid they are specialized in finishing of solid surface-products. The sanding of these products maintain a constant movement on the product, but it is also important that an even pressure is applied to the surface. In the earlier situation they did this by hand, but they wanted to automate this.

A cobot of Universal Robots is the best solution to automate this. Because of the needed accuracy, long reach and force torque sensor, we advised the UR10e. With the built-in force torque sensor, it is possible to have a constant pressure on the product. This ensures a consistently high quality of the solid surface products.

With our knowledge of the cobot, the tool and the set-up and the knowledge of sanding and the products of Bone Solid, we have combined our strengths. This way this application was created that can guarantee a high quality. Watch the video for the case study at Bone Solid.