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Shorten the lead time of RM Precision

When the coronacrisis started, a lot of companies had to adapt the new situation. Also supplier RM Precision, that also produces breathing equipment. They saw an exponential growth of the demand of their products. The company asked us as a solid automation partner. We delivered an UR-10 cobot of Universal Robots. With this cobot the machine of RM Precision can be tend for 24/7 instead of eight hours. This way there is almost no need of manual tending. It’s now possible to produce in large series. The cobot can also be used for other processes.

For parts of the breathing equipment the lead time was eight weeks on avarage. But because of the coronacrisis, it had to be quicker. That’s why RM Precision wants to produce 24 hours a day. This way the lead time could be shortened from eight week to two weeks. Possible because of the collaboration between Gibas, Universal Robots, Schunk and Zimmer.