Case NS: developing of automotive-based rivision line

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Worldwide railway companies overhaul their weel and bogies of their trains. An intens and time-consuming process because this is done mostly manually. Gibas and NS Revisie Loopwerken has been able to automate the production line extensively. 

On a yearly base, the NS overhauls 3000 wheelsets and 1100 bogies. Axis are checked, wheels pressed and brake discs installed. These separated tasks are in Haarlem combined in one serie. This way it is possible to automate almost the whole process. The law says there is a new machine created and there has to be a new CE-quality mark for the automated production line.

Besides the time being saved, less mistakes are made. This because of the automation, the products are always treaded, supplied and pressed the same way.

Look at this unique project in de video.