Case Fluidics: seven UR3-cobots for assembling

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Assembly with seven UR3-cobots

The need of the nozzles of Fluidics has grown exponentially in the recent years. In a year time they have doubled their production. This because the high quality and because they are one of the most energy sufficient of the world.

In order to meet the demand, Fluidics invested in the usage of cobots. Huward Wijnen, director of Fluidics said: ‘Because of the growth we had to look for new automation steps to be able to continue the demand’. This way the skilled people can focus on their main tasks and the cobots will do the monotnous work.

We have created a table where seven UR3-cobots add their own part of the product. This is done at a slow but steady pace, to ensure the high quality. Wijnen: ‘It’s not easy to pull the strings apart without damaging it, but it shows that Gibas is capable of so much more than only delivering machines. They are also great at managing underlying processes’.

Watch the Case Study in the video.