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Robotiq is known of their adaptive grippers for Universal Robots. Perfect to use for pick & place, machine-tending and palletizing. Now they have launched a new product: the Screwdriver SD-100

This screwdriving tool is designed to work with every Universal Robots series. This new product of Robotiq can produces 24/7, is consistent and easy to configurate. Also without any program knowledge it is possible to use this tool. The Screw Feeder SF-300 provide the screws to this tool. With a dual sensor it indicates if the screw is ready and if it is cleared from workspace.

This way you van automate without making big investments and also the quality of your product will increase. Furthermore, it will reduce repetitive strain injuries.

Do you want more information or are you interested in how this new screwdriving solution can be an added value? Feel free to contact us.