Rhenus Lub

Rhenus Lub is a specialist in industrial lubricants, and a premium partner of the industry. The enterprise produces cooling lubricants, cutting and grinding oils, minimal lubricants (mist lubrication), corrosion protection oils, technical sprays, transformation products, and specials greases.

Rhenus recently introduced the Rhenus Added Value Concept 2020. This concept helps you to easily achieve cost savings of 20%. If you choose for this concept, you can continue to produce safely and without any risks. In collaboration with Rhenus Lub, we ensure a smooth implementation and optimization.

We optimize your process by:

  • Lower use of cooling lubricants
  • Less machine downtime
  • Optimized coolant maintenance

Do you want to sustainably reduce your costs? Opt for the Rhenus Added Value Concept 2020. For further advice and information, please feel free to contact us

Never refill manually again

The need to keep the reservoir filled is very important. This prevents problems such as the machine stopping due to too little cooling lubricant.

Besides that, it is very important that the quality is high and the right concentrations are used. With the Fluid Fill Matic, the cooling lubricant is always at the right level and with the right concentrations.

Fluid Fill Matic – Always the right level

  • Automatic refilling of any machine
  • Affordable and reliable system
  • Can be modularly expanded when purchasing multiple machines
Close-up of a CNC-Machine which is machining tools