An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) are in essence the same: both of them move materials from one side to another. AGVs are very well known in the industrial sector for automating internal transport. Today, an AMRs revolution is taking place.

Automated Guided Vehicle

An AGV moves along marked lines or wires attached to the floor. Depending on the type of AGV, it can move by radio waves, vision cameras, magnets or lasers. As a result, they can only move along fixed routes, and cannot be used flexibly. If there is an object on the route, the AGV detects it and stops, but cannot navigate around it. The object must first be removed from the route before the AGV can continue.

Autonomous Mobile Robot

An AMR is a mobile robot that can adapt to its environment. This mobile robot makes a scan of the surroundings with its build-in sensors and lasers. The AMR subsequently maps its environment and can determine the most efficient route by itself. Whenever adjustments are made to where the AMR operates, the AMR easily adapts to the new situation.

MiR as AGV for relocating and automation of products and company processes

If an object is on the AMR’s route, it will be detected and the AMR will move around it. This optimizes productivity and keeps the logistics process on track. We have a close partnership with MiR, a precursor in the field of flexible autonomous internal transport. Whether you should opt for an AGV or an AMR depends on your wishes and needs. Please contact us for more information and possibilities.