Production automation in the industrial sector is a process that has been ongoing for years. Though a lot has changed in recent years. For example, the collaborative robot has been a great solution for automating many companies. The Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) has also proven to be a great option for automation.

Differences and advantages of a cobot and robot

A collaborative robot is also known as a cobot. The cobot has over the past few years shown an exponential growth. But what is the difference between a cobot and an (industrial) robot? You will find out here.

Differences and advantages AMR and AGV

An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) may sound familiar to you. A few years ago anew logistics robot entered the market: the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR). They are in essence the same, as both move objects from one side to another. However, there are also a lot of differences between AGVs and AMRs.

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MiR as AGV for relocating and automation of products and company processes