Automation for your company

Universal Robots cannot be ignored in the automation industry. The company as a cobot pioneer in 2005. Today, the Danish company is the undisputed market leader of lightweight and plug & produce collaborative robots.

This kind of automation enables robotization for any type of production company of any size. This not only due to the fact that no fence is needed for safety, but they are also very easy to use.

The additional advantage of the cobots of Universal Robots is that third parties have created numerous plug & play attachments. For example the multiple different grippers of Robotiq, 3D-vision of Pickit and the TracePen from Wandelbots.

At Gibas Automation, we are proud to be a preferred partner and that we have played an important role of the success in the Benelux.

Several advantages of these cobots include:

  • Lightweight, economical and safe
  • Fast, precise, and reliable – Easy to integrate
  • Can be part of a fully automated process
  • Very high return of investment

We can help you to program so that the cobots will be used as efficiently as possible. Do you have any further questions or are you interested in how Universal Robots can add value to your company? Feel free to contact us.