ROEQ offers additional products for deploying the Mobile Industrial Robot (MiR) according to your needs. The custom-made carts, racks, lifters, and mobile roller tracks fit perfectly on the MiR. As the ROEQ solutions are custom-made for the MiR, they are user-friendly, reliable, and most important, safe. We have made a list of their most used products:

Mobile roller tracks
A useful product that enables mobile transport solutions. The roller tracks are braked during transport, so it is impossible for products to fall off. Hence, products  always arrive safely at their destination. Furthermore, safety sensors have been built in, so fingers cannot get stuck between the rollers.

With the patented closing mechanism, all carts are safe and functional to use. It is also possible to add a rail to transport larger objects such as pallets.

Docking station
When precision is necessary, the ROEQ docking station is the solution. When using this solution, the MiR has a deviation of ±1 millimetres. The docking station is used at companies that are (almost) fully automated.

Do you have any further questions or are you interested in how ROEQ can be used for your company? Feel free to contact us.