Mobile Robots are the future

With logistics robots, it is possible for employees to focus on their main tasks, rather than walking a lot of miles. Meanwhile, a change is taking place with regard to Automated Guide Vehicles.

The new generation of Autonomous Mobile Robots has arrived.

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) from Denmark is a pioneer in flexible internal autonomous transport. The enterprise is market leader in this industry.

The mobile robot platforms make use of very user-friendly and intuitive technologies, so no changes are required in the current infrastructure. Set up, control, and changes are easily executed by a tablet, PLC, ERP or smartphone. Needless to say, the MiR can also drive a fixed route. MiR’s autonomous systems have already been used for years in different kinds of factories, hospitals, laboratories, and distribution centers.

The user friendliness, quick implementation possibilities, solidness, and flexible usage are fine aspects of our automation vision. We will take care of installation and programming the MiR. So you can focus on your company, and we will optimize your internal logistics.

Do you have any further questions or are you interested in how MiR can be of added value to your company? Feel free to contact us.