Thanks to years of experience and expertise, our Danish partner EasyRobotics has developed are range of efficient products for (full) automation. We have listed some of their solutions below.

ProFeeder line
The various models of the ProFeeder is perfect for storing products from the CNC machine with the robotic arm, fully automated without manual use. This increases the storage capacity of products and shortens the cycle time of high-speed production. Because of a variety of different ProFeeders, there is almost always a solution for your automation needs.

With the EasyPalletizer, it is possible to place products from a conveyor onto a pallet. The products will be picked up by a vacuum pump, so there is no need for manual usage. When the pallet is filled, the EasyPalletizer recognizes this and will continue the process to fill up an empty pallet.

Mobile Cobot
The Mobile Cobot is ideal when you have limited space, a production that requires a high mobility or when you want to move the robot. It is even possible to move the Mobile Cobot to a different location, as it can be transported by car. Thanks to its user-friendliness, the Mobile Cobot is very easy to install with another machine.

All products work perfectly well with Universal Robots, but it is also possible to work with other (industrial) robots.

Do you have any further questions or are you interested in how the EasyRobotics products can be used for your company? Feel free to contact us.

Profeeder Flex
EasyRobotics EasyPalletizer with a cobot of Universal Robots for palletizing
EasyRobotics mobile cobot with a Universal Robot