Automation of CNC-machines

At the end of the Nineties, we began automating our delivered tending machines. Since then, we have developed abundant knowledge and experience in the field of machine tending.

Innumerable customers have already been helped with standardizing machine cells or specific custom solutions. Most of them are now equipped with the 6 axis robot from Universal Robots and Fanuc.

Many users have already benefited from the added value created by our installations. Whether it concerns product weighing just a few grams or a few tons, we always find a suitable solution.

G-loader: Robot tending for CNC machines

As an answer to the ‘high mix-low volume’ that the manufacturing industry has to respond to, we have developed the G-Loader. With the G-Loader, it is possible to tend a machine in a flexible and user-friendly way, enabling you to automatically start up production variations and adjustments with just minimal effort.

F-loader: Ideal for logistic automation

A new version of the G-Loaders are the F-Loaders. These are flexible machine tending units perfectly suitable for automating the logistics production process with Autonomous Mobile Robots.

Thanks to their great flexibility, user-friendliness, and employability, the F-Loaders have a high return of investment.

Do you have further questions or do you want more information on automating your machine tending? Feel free to contact us.

Automation of machine tending with Universal Robots
Machine tending of a Nakamurs CNC-machine wit ha robot of Gibas, fully automated
A Fanuc for machine tending of a Victor Taichung CNC-machine